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Sexy, Sassy Smart for Life Recording

Sexy, Sassy, Smart for Life

Hormone Harmony

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for the latest break-throughs to

create a more satisfying, sexy, sassy, smart

harmony for your life!

The Comprehenisve Approach

Outer Beauty, Inner Balance

Want to lose weight? Want less wrinkles? Want more energy? Want to feel alive again? Want to laugh more? Then this instructive, fun recording is for you.

"We call Barbara’s kind of talent Magic!"

Get started today to look great and feel great!

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What Amazon says about this Artist

Anti-Aging Secrets: Outer Beauty, Inner Balance.  Renew, Restore, Rejuvenate!
  You deserve to know celebrity secrets ( like those of Jane Seymour, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Oz)  using the latest Anti-Aging breakthroughs.

“Sexy, Sassy, Smart for Life: Hormone Harmony” is for the busy
man or woman who wants to be their best , to roll back the clock,
or simply prevent premature aging.  Renew, Restore, Rejuvenate! The latest in Anti-Aging breakthroughs.
Outer Beauty, Inner Balance. Want to look like Jane Seymour or Suzanne Somers?
Barbara Pinson, anti-aging consultant and Dr Frenesa Hall, MD
separate fact from advertising bunk and junk science. This is an
easy to understand presentation that is a lot of fun with life
changing results. You deserve to know the secrets of celebrities .
You will want to share and listen to this exciting and
Barbara Pinson is Your Favourite Fairy Godmother, Turning Back the Clock!   Your purchase of this CD entitles you to a $125 Gift Certificate for your personalized consultation.

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"Sexy, Sassy, Smart for Life: Hormone Balance"

author: Dr. Robert Johnson

We love this CD for patient education. It is fun, fast paced, and empowering for the patient. In the clinic we use this recording to supplement the patient’s office visit, as well as a way to start a class discussion for further health improvements. I would recommend this CD to any health professional to promote prevention.

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