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"Google My Business"

Google My Business

If you want it taken care of by a SEO professional, call me at (617) 943-3901 today. Once it’s claimed, I follow the tips on the editing screen to get your listing to 100% - to optimize your “Google My Business” listing. My one-time price: $195.

Logo - You’ll need to provide me a user image to upload – this shows up in the little circle, and it’s what shows up next to your social posts.

Cover Photo - You’ll also need to provide me a cover image to upload. If you don’t, people will see the default color swish, and you’re missing a huge branding opportunity.

Pictures - You’ll also need to upload photos of your business. I suggest uploading at least 10 photos, but I can upload as many as 25.

Business Name - Make sure you enter your business name exactly as it is – don’t try to stuff in keywords, that gets you dinged with a penalty.

Local Phone Number - Make sure you’ve got a local phone number listed, and that it’s the same local phone number that’s on the home page of your site. Call tracking or 800 numbers are bad for local SEO.

Hours of Operation - Enter your hours of operation – it’s important for people to know when you’re open.

Categories - You’ll want to make sure you choose the right categories. Make sure to include service categories, also.


As always, if you have any questions or comments, just call me (John) at 617-943-3901 anytime.


Or, call me and I will handle it all for you, including submission and follow-up with the folks at Google. My one-time price: $195.

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