Business Cards - Item #43422  Exousia Marketing Group - Bus Card Design & Print & More

Exousia Marketing Group - Bus Card Design & Print & More

Exousia strives to meet their vision as a leader in web design and marketing to make every customer and client STAND OUT! Exousia Marketing Group provides marketing and design services to federal government agencies, small to medium sized businesses and ministries around the world from Europe, Korea and all across the US. Our marketing services include social media, web design, web hosting, web development, training, book cover designs, business cards, flyers, banners, brochures, bookmarks, and support. We’ve hosted business to business networking conferences and expos to provide extra networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.               

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Exousia Marketing Group was established in April, 2004 in Europe by visionaries and founders, Ruby and Nicolas James. 

Logo, Flyers, Brochures, Book Cover Design Graphic Design Services, Social Media Development and Management and More!

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250 Business Cards - Graphic Design and Print - $67

Social Media Cover Images - $40

Book Cover Design - $200 -

Book Cover Layout - $35 – $840 (varies depending on number of pages)

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