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ME - Craignair Inn

Set on a granite ledge rising from the sea and surrounded by flower gardens, Craignair was built in 1928 to house workers from the nearby quarries. Little has changed here since the turn of the century, and you can still feel the mood of a once lively and active working town. The union hall still stands, as well as the old general store and post office.

The chapel, where the stonecutters and their families once worshipped, is now an annex to the inn. Evidence of the quarry-workers’ time is also portrayed in the beautiful granite causeway that stretches across the water to Clark Island, where a great quarry was once the center of this picturesque village.

Located just 15 minutes from Rockland, 35 minutes from Camden and 2 hours from Portland, Craignair is the in the heart of Mid-Coast Maine.  Plan a day trip to Boothbay, Freeport, Acadia National Park or Monhegan Island (to name a few).

Prices vary based on season. Please contact Joanne, the innkeeper for more information.

You may go to to check general availability, but all reservations have to be made by direct contacting Joanne or else you will have to pay cash.

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